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Welcome to Pot & Dough

Freshly Baked

Our fatayer and sandwiches are freshly baked out of the oven with our mouthwatering special dough 


Fresh Ingredients 

We receive our ingredients fresh from our suppliers. We believe that fresh always tastes best


Our Team

We pride ourselves on our staff who are highly trained with regards to serving our customers


Diverse Menu

Our fusion menu offers middle eastern flavours as well as other international twists giving our customers a unique experience


Our aim is always to use high quality ingredients and set affordable prices 



Our customers are part of the Pot & Dough family and we ensure that they are always satisfied

You can get our food to your doorstep

Through: Jahez, Hunger-station, Walem
About Us

Pot & Dough was established to offer customers high end gourmet food at affordable prices. You can either select one of our balanced meals that can be tailored specifically for you, or go straight to our freshly baked fatayer & sandwiches.

The fusion concept was created for a smart, healthy, fast, and on the go lifestyle. At Pot & Dough we aim to offer a dining experience that connects eastern and western ingredients to that is able to offer a different and thrilling experience each time.

Enjoy Our Food Delivery



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